How to take a good picture using a smartphone

Taking a good picture is an art, does not need a great camera, high-quality visual effects or editing apps. You can also take a great looking, professional and excellent picture by using some simple tip and tricks. Check out the below instruction to take a professional quality picture.

Set focus on your camera

These days, smartphones use auto-focus to focus on the image, but when they capture pictures, the focused object may not be captured clear. To adjust the focus in your camera, open the app and tap the screen on the object you want to focus it will sharpen the image. To focus on the moving object, tap the screen there would appear a circular and square icon which will shift the focus in the circle icon.

Gridlines to balance the image

The best way to improve and balance a photo in your camera is to use gridlines instructions. The action will break your image vertically, horizontally to divide it into nine parts. The placement of points of interest along the line will make the picture more balanced, leveled and natural.

Use of an empty space

The space around or between the image, also called a negative space can make your picture good to bad. When you use a lot of negative space (water, sky or empty field) correctly in your picture, it can make your objects stand out.

Avoid zooming

Do not zoom the photo while capturing it. It will make your picture blurry, grainy and pixelated. If you want to capture the image of an object which is at some distance instead of zooming in, try to take the optimized picture from a closer place.

Natural light

To take a great picture using smartphone use natural light instead of using flashlight. Flashlight will never give you good results and make your objects look washed out.

Use of different perspectives

Capturing picture using different angles will make the picture look more attractive and fascinating. The unexpected angle of the picture will create the illusion of height and depth. Try taking pictures from below by using the sky as negative space it will give your picture, a magical effect.

Use symmetry

You can your symmetrical background to make your object more attractive like a stairway or the object between the lines of forest. The symmetry makes the picture looks incredible and pleasing to the eyes.